Ceramic Gavity Bowl by designers Atelier fig for Metamorphoses Objects
Green marble side table Ondamarmo by Bloc Studios for Metamorphoses Objects
Stool by Hot Wire Extensions for Metamorphoses Objects

Metamorphoses is a gallery featuring unique pieces by makers who thoughtfully turn one thing into another.   

The pieces we have selected and will continue to select are from artists who often draw on cultural heritage, mythological tales and collective memory. 

We focus on works that are inspired by the past while displaying keen attention to issues of the present. 

Some artists specifically draw on the powerful stories found in Ovid’s masterpiece, other times metamorphoses is to be found in the underlying work of the makers. However, transformation is the unifying theme amongst the tightly edited collection of pieces.

In a time of transition when people are spending more and more time at home, and artists and designers have fewer opportunities to showcase their work publicly, this platform will simultaneously support makers and offer inspiration and access to unusual and unique pieces to those who are looking for it.

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