Sergio Roger
Textile Ruins Pillar


one of a kind


antique linnen




A graduate of Berlin’s Art Academy, Barcelona-based Sergio Roger creates textile sculptures inspired by the aesthetic values of classical antiquity. Replacing stone or marble with antique linen or luxurious velvet – salvaged from specialty fabric stores – Roger conjures new interpretations of the art historical canon, challenging the preconceptions of permanence and majesty that we associate with Greco-Roman art.

For Metamorphoses, Roger presents a variation on one his signature pieces. A delicate linen bust sculpture, mounted on a contrasting black plinth, comes coupled with a textile ionic pillar – split in three separate pieces, as if severed by the passage of history. Where shape and definition were chiseled into ancient works, detail is sewn across the softer surfaces of Roger’s pieces: from intricate waves of hair to the column’s ornamental features.

With the ‘Textile Ruins Pillar’ Sergio plays with the familiar shape of the column – a symbol of ancient knowledge and civic power – and questions its meaning and significance to audiences today. By replacing the traditional white marble with recycled fabric, the column becomes softer and more domestic, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior, and diminishing its fundamental structural function.

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