Ceramic Gavity Bowl by designers Atelier fig for Metamorphoses Objects
Green marble side table Ondamarmo by Bloc Studios for Metamorphoses Objects
Stool by Hot Wire Extensions for Metamorphoses Objects

atelier fig
gravity bowl









In an exclusive collaboration with Metamorphoses, the Dutch Design studio Atelier Fig has created a bespoke ‘Gravity Bowl. The Gravity Collection seeks to reimagine the traditional processes of working with ceramics. The duo set out to find a new way of working with clay that would enable them to create in a more spontaneous and sculptural manner, free from the constraints of plaster moulds. The bowl is created by allowing the forces of gravity to work on the materials. This process imparts a unique and seemingly weightless quality to each object. Available in various colours and finishes, this versatile piece serves as both a functional bowl and a standalone decorative item, showcasing the subtle details of handmade craftsmanship and the inherent beauty of the material's natural processes.

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