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Nannai Chair (sold)






Width 47 cm - Depth 48 cm - Height 117 cm


‘Scannu’ are traditional chairs, carved from wood and decorated with river reeds, that can be found in nearly every household in the Sardinian countryside. They play an integral role in domestic rituals: used to rest one's feet in the kitchen when preparing the evening meal, or gathered around the fire when guests come to visit. They come in various sizes, with older Sardinians preferring the smallest, child-sized chairs to perch on. The designer, Chiara Andreatti spent her formative years at Piero Lissoni, an interdisciplinary Italian design studio known for its contemporary furniture design, this has significantly influenced her creative process. For this chair, she was inspired by their social dimension, and by the variations of design and decoration that can be found on historic versions. The decorative patterns of the woven river reeds are inspired by various distinctive sights she encountered around the island, from the looms of local weavers, to ancient talismans, to the braided shape of the handmade pasta, ‘lorighittas’. The Nannai chair is one of three ‘scannu’ chairs created by Chiara in collaboration with the local chair maker Pierpaolo Mandis for Pretziada. Each design is distinct, and yet cohesive with the others: the back of the Nannai chair has four parallel bars intricately interwoven with reeds, which gives the design an almost lace-like quality.