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Rino Claessens
Flexible Formed Vase







This unique sculptural vessel is one of Rino Cleassens’ ‘Flexible Formed Vases’: distinctive due to its irregular shape and its luminous ebony glaze. At the heart of Rino’s latest ceramic series is his desire to embrace chance in the creative process. He has made the deliberate choice not to exert complete creative control, and rather enable and welcome unexpected outcomes. His unique design prioritises our sensory experience with the materiality of clay: the asymmetrical forms and sensuous finish are intended to create a strong physical connection with the body. Rino is continually developing unique production methods and challenging the boundaries of his materials inspired by traditional Japanese porcelain production. Crafted by hand in Eindhoven (NL), each vase may feature slight variations due to the spontaneous nature of the production process and should not be perceived as defects.

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