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Seok-Hyeon Yoon
Ott Vase







W30cm H30cm


Seok-hyeon Yoon’s remarkable Ott Vase is the result of technical and material experimentation. Crafted with a commitment to sustainable practices, the vase challenges the traditional limitations of glazing. Unlike conventional glazed ceramics, this vase is made using Ott, a Korean traditional lacquer derived from the Ott tree. With its rich contrasts and dramatic forms, the vase showcases the wide range of luminous and rich colours of this unique material. The gradient of the central form of the object resembles a precious bead of amber or tiger’s eye. The Ott Vase embodies a fusion of contemporary design and sustainable production methods, as it is a step in the direction of the broader goal of making ceramics more recyclable. The Ott works can be found in several museum collections including the collection of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

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