Milan Pekar
Crystalline Brown Small Vase (sold)







10 x 26 cm


Milan Pekar’s crystalline caramel vase  is a beautiful porcelain vessel made using the artist’s innovative proprietary crystal glazes. These unique glazes are created by incorporating oxides and crystals, which never react quite the same way and allow for endless variations. In order to best display the colourful and luminescent patterns created by the crystal glaze, the vases are made with simple geometric shapes and classic proportions.  In order to achieve these simple forms, Milan first makes plaster-models before pouring the porcelain slip-casts. Milan’s practice is grounded in thorough research into the composition, function, and use of glazes throughout history. His experimentation enabled him to create unique and original colour combinations and textures based on spontaneous dynamic growth of crystals.   In this caramel coloured piece, the organic shapes and warm neutral tones created by the glaze transform the vase into a magical, almost living object.