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Lenny Stöpp
Cornice Vessel (Green)









This vase made by Dutch product designer Lenny Stöpp is a part of his ongoing project titled ‘Cornice Vessels’. This series is made by using the traditional technique of running cornice, a production method which has been used for centuries to make both interior and exterior plaster ornaments. However, in recent years this production method has become old-fashioned and fallen into disuse. Lenny revitalises and reimagines the technique by using alpha crystalline gypsum to fill the hollow mould, instead of the traditional plaster. The running cornice process allows for the possibility to reproduce each vessel, however each production run produces a slightly different finish and texture. Due to this production method, each vase is unique, and serves both an ornamental and practical function. The green colored cornice vessel has vertical striations and a rough finish, which are evocative of ancient Greco-Roman column fragments.

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