Maria Lenskjold
Potion Bottle Yellow



exclusive, one of a kind




25 x 12,5 cm


This piece is a playful handmade ceramic sculptural vase created by the Danish artist Maria Lenskjold for the series ‘Potion Bottles’. Like many of her works, upon closer inspection the piece is merely an abstractioeven a caricature of a vaseas opposed to a functional vessel. This leads viewers to question the implicit function of objects, what attributes contribute to its practical use, and why do they matter?  In order to allow the aesthetic experience to come to the fore, Maria places more emphasis on the process of creation and  in-depth material studies, than on the functionality of objects or commercial interests. Growing up in a big communal house with pink curtains and checkered green floors with purple walls, Maria developed a love of whimsical colours, shapes, and patterns which echo in her work today.