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Juliette Teste
“Never been to Japan” Vase 03







This unique object is part of the series titled “Never been to Japan,” handmade by the French designer Juliette Teste exclusively for Metamorphoses. Each of her ceramic vases are decorative and practical in equal measure. Juliette’s works are innovative, yet timeless, playfully combining various art historical references. This series is inspired by the early trade routes between Europe and Asia, and the central role played by the city of Amsterdam. The decorative ropes and handles are a romantic homage to the ways in which stoneware jars were packaged and secured to be shipped around the world over land or sea. The minimal yet rich light yellow glaze is a nod to the iconic yellow wall in Vermeer’s ‘View of Delft’. While each vase stands alone, the three objects complement each other, creating a dialogue through the slight variations in form. This particular vase is more elongated, decorated with a wreath along the neck and two long handles extending above and below the centre of the vessel. The feminine and playful vase is a twist on convention: a contemporary interpretation of a traditional form and medium.

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