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Tessa Silva
Chub Vase 02 (Exclusive)





recycled and repurposed




H19 x W15 x D10 cm


Tessa Silva has created three unique ‘Chub vases’ exclusively for Metamorphoses. These works are a part of her ‘Feminised Protein’ project, which is a material investigation into the use of surplus milk to produce bespoke sculptural vases. Milk products have helped shape cultures and Western civilisation as we know it, with some of the earliest human artefacts containing residue of cow’s milk. By giving discarded milk byproducts a tangible form, Tessa’s works pays homage to the complex and contested history and mythology of milk, and aims to create a dialogue around our culture of waste and the farming industry. Her intriguing chub vases have a fleshy and anthropomorphic quality, resembling stomach folds or intestines.  

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