Ella Bulley
Bu Volta He Plates







This plate duo is part of Ella Bulley’s ‘Ye O Niyenii’ collection which celebrates Ghanaian food culture. These works are specifically linked to the Ga tribe’s Homowo festival that commemorates the abundant harvest which signalled the end of a historic famine Borrowing symbolism of colours from the tradition of Kente cloth: the blue signifies peace, love, togetherness, and the green symbolises the land, crops, harvest and spiritual growth. The shapes refer back to the artist’s previous project ‘Inter-Patria’ and represent different encounters the artist had while traveling in the Volta region, to the east of Accra. These plates are titled ‘Bu Volta He’, which means ‘protect Volta’ in the Ga language. Custom made for Metamorphoses, these unique editions are intended to be displayed on the wall. If you are interested in bespoke pieces for your table or would like to see other works from Ella’s collection please let us know.