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Willem van Hooff
Flat Vase 04 (Exclusive)









This jade green vessel is part of Willem van Hooff’s beautiful series of flattened ceramic vases evoking both the grace and durability of ancient heritage, with an effortlessly modern twist. Each vase is shaped by hand into a unique form, inspired by textures and style of Ancient Greek pottery, which is characterised by its enormous variety of distinctive, aesthetic, and influential shapes. Although due to their utilitarian role, the majority of these vessels were somewhat restricted in form––receptacles were intended for storing wine, grain, water, oil, etc.––craftsmen could express their creativity in the decoration of the vase. Willem’s use of simple traditional tools, instead of cut out templates, created small dimensional variations which makes each vase unique. In this series, Willem decided to play with the shape of the vases, stretching  them to create more organic and asymmetrical forms. The rounded shape and rough texture of this particular vase is a playful reinterpretation of the forms and colours of ancient Mediterranean earthenware.

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