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Aldo Bakker





fine silvergold plated




95 x 82 x 146 mm


Aldo Bakker’s ‘Pivot’ is a playful container, with a lid which swings forward on a hinge as it rotates to facilitate the act of pouring. Made from gold plated 100% fine silver, the curving, bulbous and dimpled surface softly glows in the light. The oval shape of the lid lends the vessel an almost anthropomorphic dimension, evoking an abstracted totem. ‘Pivot’ is representative of Aldo’s creative philosophy, which challenges the accepted relationship between the function of domestic objects and their forms and materiality.

Aldo is a Dutch artist, internationally renowned for his profound love for – and understanding of – both materials and craftsmanship.‘Pivot’ has been included in a number of significant exhibitions including the retrospective at the CID Grand Hornu in Belgium and MUDAC in Lausanne in 2017. Furthermore, this work was included in Aldo’s solo exhibition at Looiersgracht 60 in 2015, titled ‘Containing Content’, which featured his series of pouring vessels.  Therefore, this purchase will directly support Looiersgracht 60's renowned artistic and public programme.

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