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Green marble side table Ondamarmo by Bloc Studios for Metamorphoses Objects
Stool by Hot Wire Extensions for Metamorphoses Objects

Aldo Bakker
Soy Pourer









23 x 8 x 7,5 cm


Aldo Bakker’s ‘Soy Pourer’ is designed to mimic the physical act of pouring in the shape of the vessel itself. A rounded oblong body leads into an elegant spout which gradually thins into a line, visualizing the stream of the soy sauce as it moves. The materiality of the copper gives the surface a futuristic sheen and emphasizes the soft curves of the shape. ‘Soy Pourer’ exemplifies Aldo’s approach to creation: navigating the space between art and design, form and function, the artist seeks to reimagine our relationship to objects.

Aldo is a Dutch artist, internationally renowned for his unique organic shapes and material explorations. ‘Soy Pourer’ can be found in several collections including that of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. This work was also included in Aldo’s major solo exhibition at Looiersgracht 60 in 2015, titled ‘Containing Content’, which featured his series of pouring vessels.  This purchase directly supports Looiersgracht 60's renowned artistic and public programme.