Ceramic Gavity Bowl by designers Atelier fig for Metamorphoses Objects
Green marble side table Ondamarmo by Bloc Studios for Metamorphoses Objects
Stool by Hot Wire Extensions for Metamorphoses Objects

Bloc Studios
Lotte Bowl (green onyx)





The ‘Lotte Bowl’ in light green onyx is part of the Affinità Elettive collection designed by Milano-based firm Studiopepe in collaboration with Bloc Studios. Handcrafted with a perfectly smooth finishing, the piece perfectly displays the stunning natural colouration of the material. The Affinità Elettive collection includes four objects in different marble variations––two vases, a bowl and a tray––that are designed to perfectly fit together like puzzle pieces to create sculptural variations. The series was created by studying the physical qualities of rare kinds of marble as well as the aesthetic effect created by combining different materials. The collection is inspired by the scientific process of "elective affinities", which refers to the characteristic of some chemical compounds that, although linked to another element, tend to leave the first connection in order to form a new bond with a new element.

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