Ceramic Gavity Bowl by designers Atelier fig for Metamorphoses Objects
Green marble side table Ondamarmo by Bloc Studios for Metamorphoses Objects
Stool by Hot Wire Extensions for Metamorphoses Objects

Buro Belén
blurred blanket (green)







270 x 270cm


These opulent velvet blankets are the work of Brecht Duijf and Lenneke Langenhuisjen — the Dutch designers behind material studio Buro Belén. The blankets are a continuation of their “Bluered Blankets” project developed in collaboration with Tinctoria, an Amsterdam-based textile studio specialising in sustainable, natural dyes. Available at Metamorphoses in ochre and moss green, their rich, earthy hues are the result of working with botanical pigments – a tribute to the delicate collaborations with nature. These blankets have previously been exhibited at Looiersgracht 60, where they were showcased in blue and red for their first institutional solo show ‘Soft Borders’ in 2015.

Lead time 4 weeks.