buro Belén
Wooden Textile Pillow



unique piece, made-to-order


cottongoose feathers




45 x 45 cm


BuroBelén is a design studio based in Amsterdam – founded by Brecht Duijf and Lenneke Langenhuijsen – centred on material research, material application and creative direction. In collaboration with crafts(wo)men, creatives, scientists, and other industry partners, the studio creates tangible designs for the future: wearables, products, textiles and more. 

Inspired by visits to Leiden’s Museum Volkenkunde, Duijf and Langenhuijsen began experiments with Tapa, a cloth-like material of wooden fibres, made across the Pacific from the bark of the mulberry tree. Beyond just its artistic value, the process of making Tapa – a process perfected over the centuries – incurs little strain on the environment: barely any water and few tools are required. With this material, BuroBelén developed a collection of pillows, available in a range of natural colours, including tanine, reseda, non-dyed, ruby and indigo. Different densities of black cotton stitching generate lighter or darker effects, whilst each cover contains a cotton inner pillow with goose feather filling.

* Custom sizes are available on request. This purchase directly supports Looiersgracht 60's renowned artistic and public programme.