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Buro Belén
Wooden Textile Couch Cover



unique, made to order


tapa cloth




450 cm x 350 cm


Cleverly designed with elegant simplicity, Buro Belén’s ‘Wooden Textile Couch Cover’ is intended to extend the lifespan of your couch. When the upholstery–which usually comprises only 3% of the total material of your couch–becomes worn out, the couch loses its value, even though the rest of the material remains in good condition. Buro Belén’s couch covers are created in a variety of sustainable and innovative materials which interact with their environment, such as Tapa Cloth. Buro Belén has endeavored to make the traditional fabric suitable for contemporary, everyday use, while still honouring its traditional origins in order to create a clean alternative to the unsustainable textiles popular today. When the air is dry, the wooden couch cover is papery and when the humidity is high, it loosens and becomes drapier. For this reason, the material is a natural indoor humidifier. This object is very durable, strengthened by stitching on the tapa, which is more densely placed where people are seated.

* These couch covers can be made to order and are available in different sizes and materials. This purchase directly supports Looiersgracht 60's renowned artistic and public programme. 

Price on request