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Siri Vase



tuscan terracotta




Width 35 cm, Height 40 cm, Depth 12 cm


The Romans used Siri vases as canteens, which they slung around their shoulders as they marched across the rolling hills and jagged coastlines of the Mediterranean world. Today, these vessels are purely decorative in function, adorning the mantles of traditional Sardinian homes. An extremely popular format, each Sardinian pottery studio has their signature version of the traditional vessel: creating a multitude of variations in colour, shape and size. This particular vase was designed in partnership with Pretziada, a creative practice which promotes the Sardinian heritage through collaborations with local artisans to offer a beautiful collection of objects made-to-order. The vase is handmade by Walter Usai, a fifth-generation potter from the town of Assemini, famous for its traditional ceramic production. Walter’s delicate details of the ‘Siri vase’ add a creative contemporary twist to a traditional format deeply rooted in Sardinian history.