Catherine Dix
Cocotte 01 (Sold)



unique piece






Each of Catherine Dix’s ceramic bottles is a unique piece, that is more sculptural than practical. She is interested in form over function, seeking to find the right balance between the different elements of each vessel: its body, foot, neck and handle. Her work is inspired by modern architecture as well as the traditional craft of pottery, as she is drawn to the simplicity and the raw and archaic spirit of the clay. Her creative vision is guided by the Yanagi philosophical pillar of ‘Mingei’, or the belief that beauty is to be found in functional everyday crafts, as opposed to high art objects. Catherine’s bottles are transmuted from ordinary functional forms into fantastic vessels and tripod creatures, sometimes high-pitched or evoking a headless chicken; the result is up to interpretation.

Catherine made four unique pieces for Metamorphoses which can be wonderfully combined. Just like Cocotte 02, Cocotte 01 is a black and with ceramic bottle with a crawling glaze.

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