Buro Belen
Soft Borders Chair



unique piece






80 x 45 x 40 cm


BuroBelén is an innovative design studio based in Amsterdam – founded by Brecht Duijf and Lenneke Langenhuijsen – centered on material research, material application and creative direction. In collaboration with crafts(wo)men, creatives, scientists, and other industry partners, the studio creates tangible designs for the future: wearables, products, textiles and more.

BuroBelén’s work was the subject of a 2018 solo show – Soft Borders – at Amsterdam’s Looiersgracht 60, a non-profit exhibition centre for art, design and architecture. Showcasing an unorthodox creative process, which couples traditional craftsmanship with the latest scientific discoveries, Soft Borders situated the studio’s sensorial designs as an important counterweight to the often overwhelming presence of technology in contemporary life. In a palette derived from the walls of the exhibition space – light grey, ochre, deep green and rustic red – this hairy chair was commissioned for the show. The juxtaposition of its simple steel frame and its tactile woolen upholstery encapsulates a unique creative philosophy.

* Custom-made chairs are available on request. This purchase directly supports Looiersgracht 60's renowned artistic and public programme. 

Price on request